n., adj., adv., & prep.
1 the external side or surface; the outer parts (painted blue on the outside).
2 the external appearance; the outward aspect of a building etc.
3 (of a path) the side away from the wall or next to the road.
4 (also attrib.) all that is without; the world as distinct from the thinking subject (learn about the outside world; viewed from the outside the problem is simple).
5 a position on the outer side (the gate opens from the outside).
6 colloq. the highest computation (it is a mile at the outside).
7 an outside player in football etc.
8 (in pl.) the outer sheets of a ream of paper.
1 of or on or nearer the outside; outer.
2 a not of or belonging to some circle or institution (outside help; outside work). b (of a broker) not a member of the Stock Exchange.
3 (of a chance etc.) remote; very unlikely.
4 (of an estimate etc.) the greatest or highest possible (the outside price).
5 (of a player in football etc.) positioned nearest to the edge of the field.
1 on or to the outside.
2 in or to the open air.
3 not within or enclosed or included.
4 sl. not in prison.
—prep. (also disp. foll. by of)
1 not in; to or at the exterior of (meet me outside the post office).
2 external to, not included in, beyond the limits of (outside the law).
Phrases and idioms:
at the outside (of an estimate etc.) at the most. get outside of sl. eat or drink. outside and in outside and inside. outside broadcast Brit. a broadcast made on location and not in a studio. outside edge (on an ice-skate) each of the edges facing outwards when both feet are together. outside in = inside out. outside interest a hobby; an interest not connected with one's work or normal way of life. outside seat a seat nearer the end of a row. outside track the outside lane of a sports track etc. which is longer because of the curve.

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